So you can’t really talk about federation without talking about mastodon. The reality is the idea is fairly sound, the learning curve for how to find content is a bit steeper than most things. But… It’s a decentralized, always on, huge platform, which mostly lends itself to communities of people rather than all people. It’s not ran by a greedy corporation, absent of advertising, tracking, all that. What could be more cyberpunk than that? Dive in and give it a try on the social tab, if you have the invite link, and if not, send a mail.


Building up infrastructure

Still a bit of work to do, migrating stuff, moving stuff around, getting things properly setup. Progress is good though, the new DB server helps quite a bit in handling some madness. Almost all the matrix stuff has been updated, stay tuned on that. Theming stuff is basically last on my list so almost everything is generic right now… We’ll get there.



  • Successfully moved matrix to a remote postgres 11, seems to be working and a bit snappier.

  • Mastodon is now up and running, working on optimization before letting people in, and sorting the mail issue.

  • Moved to glitch-soc fork of Mastodon, better features.

  • Moved from Ghost to static site generation. It’s better this way and less overhead.

  • Implemented some cleanup crons for Mastodon, because it was filling disk space like a crazy person…